About Us

We can’t teach it, if we don’t live it

Both born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Dr Ray and Jean met at work as professional counselors in 1996 and began dating on February 21st, 1997. After their first date they quickly began a relationship, fell deeply in love and have been inseparable ever since. During that year Jean took Ray on his first hike. They went camping, skydiving, scuba diving and attended several concerts. They even crashed several weddings making sure to get a picture with the bride and groom.

On September 9th just 7 month later, Dr Ray and Jean got engaged and were married on Valentine’s Day, February 14th 1998. Jean’s son Alec was 10 years old when they married making them an instant blended family. Later that year they had their second son Dinyar.

After obtaining their Masters degrees they both became certified in hypnosis and began work with clients to help them grow personally and spiritually, which is their professional foundation to this day. Dr Ray went on to get his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Both Jean and Dr Ray work with men and women focusing on personal empowerment with consideration and compassion for their partner. Dr Ray and Jean founded and have been running a successful counseling practice in the Chicagoland area called The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center since 2002 which focuses on working with couples and families.

Dr. Ray and Jean continue to nurture and work on their own relationship daily over the past 25 years while helping thousands of couples with theirs, having fun along the way. Their wealth of knowledge in the fields of Love, Marriage and Relationships makes them a power couple and relationship experts.

Over the last 25 years Dr Ray and Jean created and perfected their unique method called Couples Synergy. This model gives the couple the critical skills like self-awareness and healthy positive conflict resolution necessary to have a happy, successful and empowered relationship. Family Synergy Therapy was developed as a natural offshoot of Couples Synergy in response to helping our couples bring these teachings to their children.

Couples Synergy offers

  • speaking engagements,
  • workshops,
  • a home study course called, Relationship 101
  • Relationship Enhancement Weekends and
  • the exclusive flagship Couple to Couple coaching program (C2C) as an additional avenue to impact more people by creating successful thriving relationships.
Services We Offer