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Relationship 101

Relationships are so basic, fundamental and valuable for everyone so we have created this program to reach anyone who wants to learn to level up in their connections.

Whether it is with our primary partner, our children, our friendships or co-workers, there are definitive skills needed to create effective, enjoyable and lasting relationships. In this throw-away culture that we live in relationships are still the most important aspect of a healthy, fulfilled and thriving life.  We long for connection yet fear rejection. Studies have shown that people who live the healthiest and longest lives are also enjoying deep meaningful long lasting relationships with a partner, a pet their friendships and their work and social communities.

In this energetic and informative seminar you will learn about the most common mistakes people make in relationships. This program is offered as a 30 minute webinar, once a month, that you can attend and interact as a group with Dr. Ray and Jean.  These webinars will also be recorded and available on our members only program called, Transformations.

Relationship 101 can also be customized to your group as a live event. This would be useful to groups such as companies, churches, schools or other gathering places. If you are interested in having Dr. Ray and Jean present to your group or organization, email us at

We have helped thousands of couples,
“create the relationship they’ve always dreamed of with the partner they fell in love with”

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We created this podcast because the most often asked question we get as Relationship Experts is “Is what we are going through normal”. And since we have heard the most intimate details of thousands of couples’ relationships, we know we are more similar than different.


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