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Couple 2 Couple Program

This exclusive program is designed for our couples who desire personal care and a program customized specifically to meet their needs.

We have found that all the great character traits that make a person successful in business and other areas of life are often times in direct conflict with what is needed to create a great relationship. The good news is that your ambition, your attention to detail, and your ability to stick with something until you master it, works in your favor.

Just like we hire personal trainers and executive coaches to take our physical health and our careers to the next level, Couple 2 Couple was designed as a developmental model to teach couples how to grow beyond what their parents and their environment has taught them about relationships.  Sadly, marriage counseling has the least success rate amongst all counseling practices and has been associated with chronic mental illness, behavioral problems and mood disorders.

Fortunately, Dr. Ray and Jean do not see relationship struggles as pathological, but as inevitable challenges of growth. From this perspective, C2C offers a level of coaching and marriage mentorship beyond marriage counseling, offering opportunities of success unimaginable. The reality is that we all need a second set of eyes to see something from a different perspective.  In C2C, you get two sets of eyes from a successful married couple, to take a deep and detailed look at your current relationship, show you the purpose and meaning behind your relationship, and then teach you the skills needed to create something beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Power couple and relationship experts Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian will personally work with you and your partner to show you how to design, create and live a thriving, healthy life. Divorce is expensive both, financially and emotionally. The Couple 2 Couple program is designed to reduce the effects that an unhealthy relationship has on the individual and their children.

We get into relationships ideally to change, to heal and to grow.  When a couple stops growing together, friction, disappointment, resentment and confusion grow instead.  The longer a couple waits to seek help the longer they feed the problem. Unfortunately, the average couple waits six years before seeking help.

C2C is a 12 week cumulative program with each week building on the last. Each week, you and your partner will have a personal, one hour meeting with Dr. Ray and Jean. Outside of these personalized sessions, you will be given assignments designed to continue your growth throughout the week. Some of these assignments will be individual, and some will be as a couple. Each C2C program is tailored to the needs of the couple and will be determined as is fitting to your unique situation.

We have helped thousands of couples, “create the relationship they’ve always dreamed of with the partner they fell in love with”

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We created this podcast because the most often asked question we get as Relationship Experts is “Is what we are going through normal”. And since we have heard the most intimate details of thousands of couples’ relationships, we know we are more similar than different.


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