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Growth in relationships starts with growth in the relationship with yourself.

The CS Transformations Membership is designed to help people grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually as individuals.  In doing so creates impactful and mindful spiritual practices that one can integrate into everyday life and one’s relationships. Transformations is a monthly subscription which features a 30 minute course allowing individuals to keep growing with Dr. Ray and Jean and become part of the CS community of like-minded people hungry for continual improvement. This is a web-based monthly course that is open to any individual who would like to grow with us.

Each month, Dr. Ray and Jean will teach and inspire in this 30 minute workshop.  Members will be able to directly interact with them during this workshop.  You can drop in on our monthly workshop at your convenience or subscribe to “Couples Synergy: Transformations” a members only virtual classroom.

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Members can

  • attend the Transformations workshop
  • have access to past recorded workshops
  • see bonus material such as interviews and book reviews
  • In addition, members can join Dr. Ray and Jean for weekly live meditation teachings.  Meditation can be difficult to do on your own. There are several benefits to meditating with a group.
    • It keeps you focused because you are not alone
    • there is a built-in commitment to attend and to stay connected to the group
    • It is great to have support especially through guided meditations and learning new techniques
    • You can be part of a forum to read about and respond to other peoples’ experiences, struggles and successes with meditation and personal growth.
Our vision – is to create a global community to educate, support and transform lives and relationships
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In addition, subscribed members will benefit from live weekly meditations led by Dr. Ray and Jean, as well as bonus videos where Dr. Ray and Jean interview other people in the personal growth arena, review books and give daily briefings that help people stay aware and in control so that they can create the life they want instead of avoiding a humdrum mundane life that they feel trapped in.

One of the reasons people continue to seek out help from us long after they have learned the basic skills of creating a powerful relationship, is that they also learned that they were asleep in their lives or unconsciously living.  No one ever knows when they fall asleep. We are not conscious of when we fall asleep. We live in a time that everything is vying for your attention. There are screens everywhere. Your phone buzzes in your pocket, the gas pump station feeds you the news as you fill up your car.  Almost every restaurant you visit has multiple TVs on multiple stations in every direction. People will be sitting on the couch watching TV while working on their laptop at the same time as texting on their phone…three screens deep. Our minds crave distraction, like our bodies crave pizza, wine and chocolate.  Screens take us away from where we are and dump us into a black hole of endless searching and nothingness as our real lives slip by unnoticed, while we are distracted, which lulls us into an unconscious sleep while we are wide awake.

The Transformations subscription, allows the member to rise out of distractions, and to reconnect with what is truly important and who is truly important in their life. It arms the individual with the knowledge of awareness and mindfulness necessary to living an empowered, spiritual life.