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Couples Synergy Webinars
Our vision – is to create a global community to educate, support and transform lives and relationships
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Success Stories

The most powerful aspects of Couples Synergy was I was given access to new perspectives in my life and my marriage. New ways of understanding myself, Vera, and our relationship. Please give yourself the opportunity to heal. No one can promise you anything. Jean and Ray can’t promise the healing will keep you together or send you in separate directions, however, after the healing whatever is decided will come from a peaceful heart.  Healing through the work Jean and Ray offer gave us access to what we did not know and that made all the difference. It’s truly worth the investment to have the opportunity to find a way to forgive, move on and be clean to start again from a new perspective, My husband and I could never ever dream we would have the relationship we have today if Jean and Ray had not come into our lives 10 years ago. Everyday a new day to love one another deeper, to feel the connection on a soul level and to no where we would rather be than in the company of one another. What is only possible after we have done the walk through the storms and get to the sunrise of our journey.

- Jim & Vera

One of the first things we learned was our lack of collaboration. We realized we held onto resentment and fought about trivial things. Our next step was we both needed to grow as individuals by primarily growing up, and altering our perceptions slightly so our opinions didn’t get the best of us. Letting go of the past if we could learn to get over it, and keep consistent and open feedback/communication. We learned to not sweat the small stuff and that working together is most important. What we took away is a beautiful relationship and two amazing children because we learned to respect our differences and learn more about one another. In the end we enjoy our marriage and life is easy and exciting because of it.

- Kari & Steve
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It certainly opened up our lines of communication.  We both agree that we are more sensitive to each others needs and feelings.  Also when we do have disagreements they are much more productive and easily solved.  Quite honestly you have given us the tools to have a successful marriage and we haven’t been happier. Your approach is amazing.  You are hearing all sides of our story and have  2 times the input and advice. We also felt very refreshed that your style is so laid back, practical, and non judgmental.  You invited us into your home as well, which for us gives us a personal bond to you guys.

- Tim & Chao


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