Relationship Assessment

Looking for ways to improve your relationship?

How do you feel about your relationship? Does it bring you passion and joy? Is it a relationship based on convenience? Are you planning your escape? If you took a relationship test that helped you answer these questions, where would it tell you your relationship is at now, at this very moment? More importantly, where would you like your relationship to be?

By stepping back and asking yourself these questions – not from a place of judgment, but from a place of pure awareness – you can take a more honest relationship assessment and really ask yourself if this is where you want to be with your partner.

This assessment is for committed relationships only.
This confidential online Relationship Assessment will provide a comprehensive review of the important areas of your relationship along with general recommendations for discussion and goal-setting with your partner.

You Email address
Your Name
Do you and your partner sleep in the same bed?
Do you and your partner share a common vision of the future?
Have you taken a trip with just your partner in the last year?
Have you and your partner tried something new in the last three months?
1 out of 3
Does your partner keep passwords for phone, email and social media a secret from you?
Are you often in the dark about where your partner is and what they are doing?
Does your partner keep secrets from you?
Does your partner keep their finances to themselves?
Have you and your partner had sex less than two times in the last three months?
2 out of 3
Does your partner call you names or make fun of you?
Has your partner cheated on you?
Has alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling or other addictive behaviors caused problems in your partner’s life?
Does your partner seem to be obsessed with status and money?
Does your partner scare you?
3 out of 3

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