SOLO EARNER? DUAL INCOME? HOW YOUR CAREER AFFECTS YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Couples therapy & relationship experts, Dr. Ray & Jean discuss the different career structures within a relationship and the considerations couples must make as it relates to their relationship.

The three types of entrepreneurial couple structures come from a book entitled, “Entrepreneural Couples” by Kathy Marshack:

  1. couplepreneurs – couples who have a business together
  2. solo entrepreneurs who have a supportive spouse
  3. dual entrepreneurial couple

Census Beureau estimates 14 million solo entrepreneurs without employees, with a large number of these estimated to be run by husband and wives

Some of the challenges within each career structure: 

  1. Solo Earner and stay-at-home
  2. Different careers
  3. Solo entrepreneur
  4. Dual entrepreneur
  5. Couplepreneur